12 Year of Excellence in Healthcare Rescue

Chairperson's Desk

Chairperson's Message


This year marks a personal milestone for me as we announce LTEMRI. I have been extraordinary fortunate to have the opportunity to lead LTEMRI. As I look back over the past years, I am proud of many accomplishments that we have worked together to achieve, but I am even prouder of how you have always accepted and overcome challenges that inevitably are associated with progress. It has been said that it takes a system to save life, and I believe that we have collectively made a difference in the lives of many people.

The diploma programs offered at our result/career oriented institute, where our students have dreams which make them a benchmark to fight with the dynamic challenges of the world.

The style of teaching methodology at LTEMRI is unique:- Information knowledge and skills are taught and creativity is encouraged. All this is delivered within an overall paradigm of correct values and principles which will equip students for life and help them scale greater heights and contribute to society. Professional exposure is ensured with real time practices based on technological developments in respective fields.

This results not only in quality education but helps overall development. A highly qualified and experienced faculty teach, mentor and guide students through the critical college years. Experts from different fields are invited to deliver lectures, seminars, workshops and training programs which are regularly organized.Besides, the Institute has all necessary infrastructure and amenities like fully equipped laboratories, well stocked library offering national and international journals, Internet facility. Greater emphasis is placed on practical training. We are committed to cross disciplinary teaching and innovative course delivery according to environmental demands and reality.

This will equip a student to face the challenges of the competitive world. At LTEMRI we also believe in instilling core values to instill an unshakeable belief system enabling you to take the right decision even in the face of great odds. Your choice of a career Institute is one of the most important and crucial decisions you will ever make. We hope you will find the opportunities you are searching for at LTEMRI. As foster parents and educators we will work towards developing your unique potential and talent. On your part, I am confident that no efforts will be spared to make use of all the benefits and many opportunities being provided. My best wishes to all of you. I once again thank you for your interest in LTEMRI and warmly welcome you to pursue a path of academic and professional brilliance.