12 Year of Excellence in Healthcare Rescue

About Us



Lasante Health Care services has been reaching families at their dwellings and providing expert and emergency medical care at their door steps. The services cover acute emergencies, care of chronically ill patients needing treatment and physiotherapy as and when required. In addition to emergency care the services provided include infusion and inhalation therapy, care of terminally ill patient, wound care, blood sample collection, ably supported by 24 hours pharmacy and ambulance services. The highly experienced and motivated staff includes doctors and Para medicals experienced in Advanced Life Support systems, and the ambulance is equipped to provide high end emergency care and resuscitation.

Having served the health care industry for 10 year the founders of the Lasante Health Care services had the urge to improve the standards of the first responders in case of emergencies as more than 80% life are saved just because of appropriate medical attention give by the first responders at the time medical mishaps.

The founders of the Lasante Health Care services have faced difficultly in recruiting well trained medical responders’ thus they took up the mission in order to serve the societyby not only providing timely emergency medical services but now also by training the youth so as to serve the healthcare industry better.

The LTEMRI is established by Lasante Health Care services in 2016.

Health care providers form the cornerstone of Life Healthcare’s operations, and in this respect, our college’s training programmes will prove to be strategically important to the success and solid reputation of our group.

Our focus on clinical excellence underpins our commitment to delivering high quality care to our patients. The are committed to be instrumental in turning our group’s vision – to be a world class provider of quality healthcare for all – into reality.

The institute is committed to contributed in the development and empowerment of healthcare individuals, and is assisting in alleviating the national healthcare skills shortage.

The institutes management provide visible leadership in the field of nursing education and are actively involved in addressing the challenges of skills shortages of healthcare industry .

We have extremely professional clinical educators, nursing staff and hospital management, as well as in training and development of employees at all strata of the organisation, ensures that our people are empowered to attain excellence.

Our institute has adopted an outcomes-based model of education and training, which promotes quality service delivery, and ensures that Life Healthcare’s values are reflected in the activities of the organisation.

Our Courses are designed and delivered with your future employment in mind. We work closely with employers from a range of relevant healthcare sector, achieving accrediation where appropriate, to ensure that you learn in our courses remains relevant to the sector’s or employer’s needs.